Meandering through Munich (literally!!!)

We grabbed our first bus from Frankfurt to Munich. The 4 hour long trip by city2city was a good warm up for trips to come. Frankfurt wasn’t the most picturesque place, the gateway of Europe is heavily urbanised and dominated by the sky scrapers of the financial district. It wasn’t our first decision to head there but as we were unable to book a hostel in Cologne or Heidelberg we had no choice but arrange a one night stop in Frankfurt. Despite the lack of sights we found refuge in our hostel. The “Frankfurt Hostel” (original name) is conveniently located across the street from the railway/bus station and run by enthusiastic staff who have created probably the best beer pong table in the world (with LED lights attached) the cheap beer and restricted stop over meant that we made the very tough decision to stay at the hostel.
After the cheap bus journey we arrived in Munich. Not knowing a great deal about the city we hit the hostel bar which is better than any tourist information and before I’ve even used my free beer token I’m already talking to other travellers and developed a plan for the next day. We stayed in “Jaegers Hostel” for one night and “Wombats” for two nights both hostel are good but wombats definitely has the edge due to its cool chill out hall and large on site bar.
On the advice of others we headed to the Englischer Garten which is the hub of the city in the summer time with its lush green spaces,beer gardens and surfing hot spot Elsbach (German for “ice Brook”). The Elsbach is a small man- made river, 2 kilometres long and is a side arm of the Isar River. Swimming is not allowed, but the rule is not enforced.
It’s surreal to see surfers cycling to the park with boards strapped to their sides. The garden is a must and as a bonus it’s totally free .
We couldn’t leave Munich without visiting a traditional German beer garden.check out Augustine-Keller which on a bank holiday was the place to be. Just a 10 minute walk from the main train station just follow directions on their website ( As it’s located away from the city centre the local german presence seemed much stronger than other gardens we passed. The site is split between restaurant and self service however I would advise booking in advance for a restaurant reservation. Either way you can grab the best of Bavarian booze and cuisine.
As with all our destinations so far it’s a shame we couldn’t stay longer but after the third night it was time to don the walking boot as Ljubljana calls.